Dace Dreimane

Hello! My name is Dace and I am and student-athlete in Eastern Michigan University from Latvia.

List of classes I am taking this Fall 2016 semester: List of 4 things from your five year plan
  1. Have fun and be happy!
  2. Graduate
  3. Travel around the USA
  4. Go to Australia
Picture of me and my row

Course folders and work

  • 120 folder
  • 231 folder
  • 311 folder
  • 341 folder
  • Table of all my classes I am taking this Fall 2016 semester

    Name of class Course number Days meeting Time start Time finish Teacher name Room number
    COSC 221 11040 MW 12pm 1:50pm Elsa Poh Pray Harrold Hall 520
    COSC 231 11041 MW 7:20pm 9:10pm Edward Philip Gurnee Pray Harrolds Hall 520
    COSC 311 11047 MW 9:30am 10:45am Susan Haynes Pray Harrold Hall 203
    MUSC 106 10497 TR 9:30am 10:45pm Deborah Pae Alexander Music Building 110
    PSY 101 12320 TR 11:00am 12:15pm Sharon M Nelson Pray Harrold Hall 216
    PSY 103 13496 T 6:30pm 8:20pm Alix M Mclaughlin Science Complex 334

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