Hello, world!

My name is Devin, I like Spongebob. I also like other things, such as cool dudes with attitude.
I'm majoring in Computer Science with a minor in SAG. I'm 20 years old. My favorite movies
are The Lord of the Rings trilogy. I'm currently a senior at EMU, even though I definitely won't
be graduating this school year. Give me an A please.

List of my classes

  • COSC 231
  • CMT 421
  • SAG 175
  • STAT 360
  • Table of my classes

    Class NameCourse NumberDaysTime StartTime FinishTeacher NameRoom Number
    Statistical Methods16765MW5:30pm6:45pmIslamPray-Harrold Hall 405
    Internet-based Computing11041MW7:20pm9:10pmGurneePray-Harrold Hall 520
    Web Publishing Technology11566TR11:00am1:20pmMajeskeJ.M.B. Sill Hall 209
    Graphics for Simulation 113193TR3:30pm4:45pmCatarinoJ.M.B. Sill Hall 133

    List of my 5-year plan

    1. Graduate college
    2. Get a well paying job
    3. Move out
    4. Get an enjoyable job

    Here's a link to my 231 folder: 231

    me and my great friends

    List a few of my favorite things
  • Zelda
  • Spongebob
  • Hot babes
  • Seth Rogen(hot babe)
  • Here's a link to my old webpage: link

    Contact ya boy: Contact me