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The Local Loop is a network of trails throughout Ann Arbor, that together comprise nearly 18 miles
of mostly single track trail.

There are many variations a rider could choose, to adjust total mileage.
The Local Loop is not a city recognized trail, therefore the trails are not professionally maintained.
That is to say, enter at your own risk.

Local Loop Overview

A2L2 Overview

A Closer View with a Satellite Base Map

A2L2 Satellite

The most northern portion of the loop goes through Olsen Park.
This portion of the trail is the only official(recognized by the city)
section of the local loop. The trails at Olsen are built and maintained
by the Michigan Mountain Bike Association's Potawatomi Chapter.

Olsen Park is the gateway to learning the routes of the local loop.
So it is a great starting point for any trail ride.

An embeded Google Map shows the location of Olsen Park.
The trail is actually visible from the satellite imagery. Amazing!

Here is a link to MMBA Poto Chapter web page, where you can find more information
about the trails their volunteers maintain.

MMBA Potawatomi Home Page

Olsen Park Trail Map

Olsen Park Trail Map
And Finally, no great mountain bike website would be complete without,
.... some getting rad photos!
Olsen Park Trail Map
Olsen Park Trail Map

All can be mountain bikers, but only a few, can be....
Olsen Park Trail Map

ESRI Hybrid Basemap

And whom might you ask are these Hellriders?
And why is the map below centered on hell?

Well, Potawatomi Trail, then namesake of our MMBA chapter,
is located in HELL!!! Which happens to be just east of Pinkney Michigan.

Zoom out a bit and you will see the Pinkney Recreation Area,
and the "Poto" Trail. The home of the Hellriders Mountain Bike Club.
The same folks who maintain the trails at Olsen Park in Ann Arbor.

Simple Map

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