Rent-A-Date Incorporated
“One Stop Solution Provider”

Are you tired of typical guys these days? Are they grating on your nerves like fingernails on a chalkboard? Want a decent, polite, nice-looking gentleman who will return your phone calls and treat you like a lady? Then look no further than Rent-A-Date Incorporated of Ypsilanti. Call today, date tomorrow!

Our offices are located at:

  1. 421 Emmet Street Apt. 6, (734) 674-9403
  2. 510 West Clark Road, (734) 482-4577

Here is what you can expect from Rent-A-Date:

Here are explanations of our services:

We know the hottest joints in Ypsilanti to set you up with the hottest guys around.
Would you like to know more about the person? Looks, personality, goals. You'll find it all here.
Background checks
Wanna save yourself some heartbreak? This way, you'll know whether you're about to date a wanted felon or a repeat offender.

Send us an email for information related to your needs. Consider the following specials to get your interest:

Rent-A-Date Incorporated

Item Price
Dinner & Movie Deal$20
Just A Movie$10