lemonade Made With Real Lemons.

The Wax Text Beach Party

For the Wax text beach party I used wax to create text. I made shapes with the wax, they kind of turned out as an abstract letter A. Also, I carved into the wax.

Beach Puddy

This form, is a continuation of the beach party. For the text I used Silicone, marker and plumbers putty. The putty was easier to manipulate in oppose to candle wax.

Silicone in Red

Experimenting with silicone and layering paint on a stencil, drying and applying more.

Valen Valentino and Anna Mae

Title cards screen captured from a Valentiono movie and Picadilly , edited, printed grouped and then photographed

Experimental Shadow

Cut letters out and drew on the shadow with charcoal

Shadowed stencils

Playing with light and shadow, creating patterns with shadow

Cha Cha

Old Record Collage, and edited in photoshop

Original Cha Cha

Record Collage before photoshopped

Gold Ash

Burnt wood spray painted gold and then carved into, experimenting with carving

Shadow Puzzle

Using a glass to create a checkered board to write in

A Shadow

Obsession with shadow, light


Shadow, Shadow, Shadow

Beach Towel

Wire, Nails and paint used to create text, on long piece of wood and edited in photoshop. Get Your Cannons Ready!

Tuesday Morning

Ghetto printmaking technique. Oil pastel on stone, then covered with vaseline, then transferred to paper

White Lines

Digital collage of records and 1950s french something box art


Lipstick on Mirror. Lyrics to a dreamy love song.

Silicone on the Beach

This form, is a continuation of the wax text beach party. For the text I used Silicone, marker and plumbers putty


Patterns created by spray painting a stencil and pressing it on color paper, repeatedly. Paper was then cut into letters and shapes to create scraps


Nails, Nails Nails and more Nails

This is not brown rice, it's GOLD

White rice spray painted gold, then mixed with burnt wood that was aslo spray painted gold. The entire process I couldn't stop thinking... rice look like ants

Really old Toxic Prismacolor

Permanently Toxic


Sand from Oscoda Beach

31 Flavors

Single white bubble yum, photographed edited to make text. Tribute to the song 31 Flavors, bubble yum has a lot of flavors but they all taste the same.