About Me

This is a page about me.

My name is Derrick Yandura, and I'm a Simulation, Animation, and Gaming major at Eastern Michigan University. I'm hoping to use this major (as well as my minor, Creative Writing) to become a writer for video games.

I currently live in the same house I grew up in, though now I live with my girlfriend, Mallory, and two roommates, Adrian and Wes.

Other than that, I have a few hobbies, most of which are centered around nerd culture: I write my own stories, I play games, and I watch anime.

I went to Barth Elementary in Romulusuntil 3rd grade, then left to be homeschooled for a year, before finishing out Elementary and Middle School at Metro Charter Academy in Wayne.

For High School, I went to Summit Academy in Brownstown. I was a member of the band, and graduated with honors.

When I first came to Eastern, I was a biochemistry/toxicology major. I thought for sure that was what I wanted to do, but it never clicked with me, and around my second winter semester, I dropped all of my classes and enrolled as a SAG major.