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Edward Faunt

A Little About Me

I am originally from Livonia, Michigan but currently reside in Ypsilanti.  I am currently wrapping up my studies and hope to graduate in the fall of 2009.  Most of my free time is spent doing research on topics surrounding ancient religion, when I am not dealing with coursework.  Other then quenching my historical thirst, I spend a lot of time dealing with technology doing independent tech support for extra money while I continue to attend classes.   Music also plays an important role in my life, as I was a Music Education major before settling on History Education.  I continue to play multiple instruments and enjoy listening to various types of music when ever the opportunity arises.

My Teaching Philosophy

A teacher can teach anything, but finding a way to connect the material to the students is the hallmark of a great teacher.  This is pivotal regardless of subject matter and gets to the very heart of how students perceive their education.  As a history teacher it is my goal to guide students to think critically about past events and the relevance of those events on their live today.  History is not simply about studying dates and facts, but is a way of thinking.  Technology will play an important part in my students’ development.  It will provide them with greater resources, and by extension fascinating new ways of displaying their learning to their peers.  I am a passionate user of technology and wish to instill similar values in my students as they progress through my classes.

Helpful Information for Parents & Students

Type information or create links to information that you think will support your students' learning and/or help their parents/guardians to assist their children with homework.

Technology Tip

Do not be afraid of technology.  Like anything, mastery takes practice.  Challenge yourself everyday with something new or unfamilar, and in no time you be a master!

Email me at

Fell free to email me at: efaunt@gmail.com