On this student based website, you will find several maps containing relevant geographic information based in the city of Austin. There are many things to explore in this thriving city. Let's take a look!

This map shows the general area of Austin, Texas

Google Map of Austin, Texas

Opportunities in Austin, Texas

This is an opportunity map for central Texas. The idea behind an opportunity map is that it will show residents and future residents the situation and opportunities interconnected within the area that can help shape their quality of life. This is important if one is looking into moving into the area. The map includes a legend that shows different layers within the map.

Parks in Austin

In this map, we are able to see the available parks around Austin. If you are interested in going on adventures, this is a great way to start planning one.

Breweries in Austin

Within this map are a few breweries in Austin if you need to take a break from exploring parks or trails and try some awesome beer!