Assignment #2: Occupational Handbook/ Social Worker
Course: ISS215-005
Student I.D: E00955395
Walls, Ebony
January 25, 1010
2.) Network systems and data communications Bachelor's degree
Personal and home care aides ............... term on-the-job
Home health aides .......................... Short-term on-the-job
Computer software engineers, applications .. Bachelor's degree
Veterinary technologists and technicians Associate degree
3.)-Expected Job prospect: Is to find resources to help those in needs such as drug abuse, violence, and homeless programs. You must be an open, humble, calm, approachable human being to work in this position.
- Education: A bachelors is required, but in order to receive the position you truly desire may require you to have a Master’s Degree as well.
- Earnings: For a Child, family, School Social Worker makes between $29,590- $49,060. Medical Social Workers make$34,070 - $67,110 a year. Mental Health/ Substance Abuse workers make $27,000-$64,000 a year.
- What do they do on the job: They try to find free resources to help their clients with their problems.
- Working Conditions: Usually Social Workers own their own private businesses so their schedule is made up by themselves. Many work in offices, but some go to visit their clients in the evening and weekends. Whichever is best for both.
4.)Requirements I don’t meet: I don’t have a Master’s or bachelor’s degree.