Haworth, July 2005


The plaque shows some signs of wear.  It also seems to imply there is no point in preserving Top Withens.  Considering nothing has been done to preserve the building, it seems rather appropriate.

This is the current condition of this major literary site.  The two "gaunt thorn bushes" seem to be flourishing in spite of everything else.

Another view of Top Withens and the moors beyond.

Close up of Top Withens.  I have never been able to visualize the inside of the house.

Below Top Withens was Middle Withens.  This is all that remains of it.  In the distance is the Bronte Falls.  The tree in the center of the picture is beside the footpath--it is several miles to these ruins.

A view across the moors. 

There was, supposedly, a Bottom Withens.  I have never found any trace of it.  This odd shaped stone was at the bottom of the hill near where Bottom Withens would have been.  There are two streams here.

A view of the approximate site of Bottom Withens.

This is where I stayed--the Ponden Guest House.  Very pleasant but very difficult to find on roads that need work.

Opposite the guset house is Ponden Hall--Thrushcross Grange" in Jane Eyre.  The stone inscription is hard to read.  The Heaton family lived here, and the Brontes used their library.

As I wasn't on horse, I didn't need this mounting block.

This is the High Street in Haworth.  I drove up it, which I learned is illegal.  On my right is the Black Bull, which used to have a famous picture of Branwell Bronte.  It is no longer there, but the food is great, and the Black Bull has its own parking lot.

St. Michael's Church.  Only the tower is from Mr. Bronte's time.  His successor had heard enough of the famous Brontes and resolved on changes--hence the new building and the trees in the graveyard.

The church from the lane leading to the parsonage.  On the left is the Sunday School building where Charlotte taught.

End of tour!