Welcome to LITR 207: Introduction to Children's Literature

Children’s literature should be fun. It gives you a legal reason for reading children’s book, which you will soon discover are among the best written. Authors you enjoyed reading or having read to you have been busily writing while you endure the “torment” of high school.

After this class you will have the necessary critical tools to read all kinds of literature and assess their merits. You will certainly learn strategies for writing your own books.

After completing Litr 207 successfully, you will be able to:

Appreciate various forms of children’s literature from children’s to young adult fiction.

Critique a text via different critical approaches (new critical, cultural, feminist, African-American and psychoanalytical) to produce new and different insights.

Use the criteria for identifying outstanding examples of each genre and evaluate the literary merits of any book you read, giving well reasoned opinions about the quality of a work based on the text.

Discuss questions based upon characterization, plot, setting, theme, point of view, literary devices, etc. of any kind of book using the appropriate critical terms.

Determine the genre of any work of fiction and analyze its components.

Explain how society is reflected in and determines content of children’s books.

Appreciate children's literature and the purpose of books within a child's life and development

Increase your awareness of the link between literature and the human experiences, and thrive in any literature class!