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Welcome To My Page

About Me: I am completing my last semester here at Eastern Michigan University majoring in Music Education (Vocal).   I've learned a great deal here at the university about becoming an effective music educator.  I have been equipped with the skills to share my experience and knowledge with students.  I have a great background in vocal music, I 've been singing in choirs since the age of 9 years old, from gospel to classical choirs.  I have had the opportunity to travel and sing mainly in choirs at a great number of venues. I've performed for President Clinton, Vice President Gore, and also at the ground breaking of  Comerica Park, which are few performances I wanted to highlight.  My most recent performing experiences include performing at the world premiere of a new opera titled Margaret Garner, and La Boheme at the Detroit Opera House. During the summer I also had the opportunity of working with a group of students in a choir. They have all been great learning experiences, as well my time here the university.  As a music educator I feel its important to share performing experience with students, and let them  know how it is first hand.  Through education and performance we I believe we become better musicians.

        Gregory Stinson

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The Michigan Seventh Standard
: Entry level teachers are required to have an ability to use information technology to enhance learning as well as enhance personal and professional productivity.