Theatre Exploration

A WebQuest for 8th Grade Intro to Theatre Arts

Designed by

Holly Knick


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Theatre Arts has been around for many years and in many different forms. To learn about the present we have to explore the past. In this webquest we will search through the many layers that have come together to develop our modern day theatre.

Now it is your turn to show us what you found most influencial to theatre as we know it today.

"What device, person and event was most influencial to the art of Theatre?"

The Task

You will now travel through time to determine what characteristics made the biggest impact on the arts. To explore all aspects of theatre you will need to find a technical advacement, a influencial person and event that changed the course of theatrical experiences. After finding the technical tool, person and specific event that changed the course of theatre explain the impact and reason for those additions.

Using the resources below determine what you find most important to the shaping of the performing arts. Take notes as you go through this webquest.

The Process 

Step 1: Explore history

This website shows you an interactive timeline to see when in history different tools were introduced. What time periods were booming for the growth of theatre?

Step 2: Technical Advancements

This article will help, along with your notes, to give insight into major technical aspects of theatrical culture. What advancements surprise you? How far back do some of these advancements date?

Step 3: Influencial People

In the timeline there is a category for just people. Go through and see what playwrights, actors and craftsmen contibuted. Do you recognize any of these people? What contributions were most frequent? Have you ever read or performed any of the pieces from the playwrights?

Step 4: Significant Events


This website will help break down when events happened and the effect they had in the future. What time period did most events occur? Have any events repeated themselves?

Step 5: Reasoning

Lastly, you will have to explain why these contributions were necessary and how they changed the view of theatre as we see it now. Give examples of historical devices that you see used in modern film or theatre. How would things be differernt without these people or events?


Describe to the learners how their performance will be evaluated. Specify whether there will be a common grade for group work vs. individual grades.











Collection of notes and exploration 

Did not keep notes and explored topics unrelated to topic
Kept notes that were on topic and  explored on each topic
Descriptive notes about topics and the exploration of contributions to theatre
Description of each category of influence along with personal views about their exploration





Stated the definition or summary of resource chosen
Explanation included brief reasoning for components that were not researched in previous steps.
Reasoning explained the influence of the components throughly and supported it with information from the text.
Reasoning expanded on the influence and direct and indirect effects of the components in historical and modern theatre.


After diving into the history of the theatre, you will see that there are many components that lead to the stage as we see it today. In 200 years from now people will see another improvement with the performing arts. Maybe you could be the next great thing to happen to the stage.

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