Holly/Hai Sun

Lab 6

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Hello! My name is Hai, but I go by Holly. I'm currently a computer science major at Eastern Michigan University. In my spare time, I have a really adorable kitten named JJ who likes to inhale canned food. Here I thought that the term "fat cat" only applies to humans.

This is a picture of JJ the cat.

A List of My Classes

A Table of My Classes

Name of Class Course Number Days Meeting Time Start Time Finish Teacher Name Room Number
Introduction to German GERN 121 MWR 12:30pm 1:55pm Julie Newton PORTER 218
Linear Algebra MATH 122 TR 11:00am 12:20am Gisela Ahlbrandt PRAY-H 323
Internet-based Computing COSC 231 MW 7:20pm 9:10pm Edward Gurnee PRAY-H 520

Things From My Five Year Plan

  1. Learn German
  2. Get a decent computer science job
  3. Pay off student loans
  4. Adopt another cat
  5. Think of a better five year plan

Here's a picture of my row and me:

This is a picture of my row and me.

Here's a link to my 231 folder.

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To the person who discovers this note, have a nice day and eat more cookies.