Mr. Burr's Webpage

C:\DOCUME~1\JGnann\LOCALS~1\Temp\clip0000.jpgWhile Pine Lake is preparing their teacher webpages...this will be the unofficial home of our virtual classroom. This will be where you will find the homework assignments, calendars, and any other important information that will be needed for World History. Please use the links to navigate to the correct calendars and homework assignments. All homework assignments should be in either .pdf, .docx, or .doc if you have a problem obtaining any of the files please notify me via email

UPCOMING TEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!---"B" class Test day --- Oct. 29th Wednesday

                                                            "C, D, E, F" Test day ---- Oct. 28th Tuesday

                                                              Jeopardy Review day ----- Oct 27th Monday

Calendars have been updated as of Oct. 19th

See what is for homework this week and when it is due!!!!

Calendar (Class B)

Calendar (Classes C, D, E, F)


Outcome Sheets



Jeopardy Questions