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Seriously flawed. Seriously awesome.

Here at the Corny Movie HQ, we understand that a movie's rating does not neccessarily equate it's enjoyability. Rear Window: Highly rated, horrendously boring. Bloodsport: Not highly rated, an instant classic. Now we, and many others will love these movies until we die; but in a world increasingly organized by numbers and scores, these diamonds in the rough are at risk of fading away from the minds of the general public and future generations. Really, this is about the children. So we have erected this database with the purpose of preserving these cultural treasures for all time.

theCAGE Look at how happy Nick Cage is knowing his haircut will never be forgotten
About our site

Our database of movies! Discover movies and your own personal taste in corny movies. Use our filtering system to find exactly what you fancy. We stricly prohibit any type of scoring system as it is against the spirit of the site, every movie is a beautiful snowflake of bad movie.


Some actors flirt with corny movies, some make their careers off them. Here we provide information on our favorite actors.

The Corndar

Here we extend our feelers into the movie industry locally and wordlwide to spot candidates for potential corny movies. Learn what movies we're excited to see and all the breaking news on their development. The news will actuallly probably be at least a few days old.


We watch a lot of movies, some of them are even highly rated. Pay rapt attention as we share with you our incredible wisdom and personal thoughts on movies and life in general.


If you know of a movie you think deserves to be in our database that we don't have, please let us know! Submit your favorite movies, give your own description and information on it that we may even use without giving you credit! Wow! Credit will be given.