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You just discovered the largest, coolest online piano warehouse on planet Earth. We believe this! Choose your piano from our website, or come visit our massive showroom. For 31 years Rick Jones Pianos has specialized in bringing you the biggest selection of high-quality used pianos in the greater Washington-Baltimore area, and the entire U.S.A.! You will save a fortune and get the best warranty and upgrade policy available anywhere in the country. Fact!

-Rick Jones

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Check out our pianos! Yamaha, Kawai, Steinway, Boston, Young Chang, Samick, Baldwin and more! For each of our pianos, you can learn its' history, price, condition, specifications, and even see a video of it being played to demonstrate its' quality. Find your ideal piano.


You can be certain that you get the most piano and best service for your buck when you buy from us. Learn about Rick Jones Pianos wonderful team and their dedication to quality here. Still not convinced? View our testimonials from real satisfied customers!


For questions and concerns about our service or your piano, look here. Even if you're just curious, we provide knowledge of pianos and their inner workings that we hope will lead you to greater appreciate our craftmanship and the effort we put in to maintain these amazing instruments.


Rick Jones Pianos may be interested in acquiring your piano, especially if the piano is located on the East Coast. We are especially interested in Steinway, Yamaha, Kawai and Baldwin.Please understand that we are not interested in acquiring old upright pianos or old player pianos (grand or upright) even if you're giving them away for free.