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Welcome to my page! Since 1991, I have directed the CATE Lab at Eastern Michigan University, which serves students, staff and faculty with disabilities. All of my degrees are from EMU. I have a BA in Special Education of the Blind, a MLS in Interdisciplinary Technology and I am currently a doctoral candidate in the Technology PhD program at EMU. If some day, I start to bleed GREEN and WHITE, I will not be surprised!

What I do for fun...

Walk, play and feed Scooter black lab mix with tongue hanging out and Jillyellow lab with a 3 foot long rawhide bone in her mouth

How to be Accessible Via The Web
CAST's philosophy on access logo CAST is a nonprofit organization that embraces Universal Design for Learning (UDL) to expand opportunities for all learners, with an emphasis on those with disabilities.  This site has the latest research on UDL and includes many examples of how to apply this concept in both the classroom and web. 
world enable logo of just the words in red and blue This site contains information on upcoming conferences dealing with the topic of internet accessibility, and promoting the rights of individuals with disabilities at the international level.  However, it’s most usable feature for most is the World Enable Validator which allows a user to type in a URL to test for accessibility. 
project do it logo of a globe

Project Do-it is a program designed to encourage successful transition to college for high schoolers with disabilities. This site has numerous ways to test pages for accessibility.


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