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Jordan Dostert

A Little About Me

My name is Jordan Dostert and I am 25 years old.  I am from the city of Flat Rock, Michigan.  For fun I enjoy playing the guitar and bass.  I am enrolled in the teacher education program at Eastern Michigan University and hope to someday teach History at the High School level.  I plan to student teach this fall and eagerly await graduation this December.

My Teaching Philosophy

I believe in structured classrooms but only to a certain point.  I feel there needs to be order, but not at the expense of student's involvement.  I believe that classroom participation is essential for student learning and teachers should always be sure to keep students involved even though often they may not want to.  I feel that technology is a tool that we can use to keep students involved and interested.  It is very valuable to help students who learn best visually.  I do not feel that technology should ever replace the teacher.  It is a tool used by a teacher.

Helpful Information for Parents & Students

I think that all history is relevant.  We are who we are because of history.  Nothing will be tested that has not been talked about in class.  Pay attention in class, take notes, and participate regularly.  Follow these simple steps and you can all recieve an A.

Technology Tip

Don't get angry at the computer.  It is emotionless and doesn't care whether you need your assignment tomorrow.  Back up files and try to stay calm.  

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