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The above links will give you detailed information for your specific class. You will find important announcements, a daily homework calendar, video tutorials, and tips on how to succeed. The ACT prep page is recommended for all students. A Good ACT score opens doors to college opportunities and scholarship money. It's amazing what a graphing calculator can do for you. There are many how to guides and step by step instructions on this page. Lastly, you can connect to Zangle for updated grades and attendance. Check it out!





























































Welcome. This web site is intended for Mrs. Gardiner's students, their parents, tutors, and those people who are involved in helping Mrs. Gardiner's students learn, understand, and enjoy mathematics.


Mathematician rated as the best job!" the article that puts the mathematician as the best job to have...Jobs Article (you might have to click the back arrow 4 times to get back to this site)

Click here to read a great article for those who are discouraged when learning math... Math Article.




So, you want to do well this year? Let me give you a couple of suggestions that will make your wish come true. First, effort is the most important skill to develop. As long as you put forth effort to learn, understand, and master mathematics (or any subject for that matter), you will be rewarded with equal effort by your teachers. I can not make you learn if you do not want to learn. So, even though you might be frustrated and want to give up, just stick with it a little longer, ask for help you will get the rewards. Second, do your homework as well as study your notes DAILY. It is not just enough to do the homework. There is a lot that is not covered in homework that you must remind yourself each day. So, there is your first homework assignment from me--STUDY EVERY DAY! Next, stay organized and write legibly. If your work is disorganized and messy, your brain will not be able to make sense of it. The neater and more organized the work, notebook, and notes, the easier it is for your brain to understand the material. Finally, have fun! Math can be enjoyable and fun if you try to learn it. You use it every day of your life, ranking the scores on the video games, figuring out sports stats and the better team, and seeking out the best deal at the shopping mall. So make an effort to learn math and you may even end up liking it too!

I hope you have a great year at Mott! If I can help you in any way this year, just ask.

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Classroom Expectations:

Stay focused

Stay on task - your number one job is to learn math.


Be respectful

Let your words and actions show respect for the class, your classmates, your teacher, and (most importantly) yourself.


Be there - be ready

Be in your seat when the bell rings. Bring your textbook, notebook, paper, and pencil to class every day.


Keep your hands and feet to yourself

No pushing, shoving, hitting, touching, or rough-housing is allowed.


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Math Cartoon

Here is the way your semester grades are weighted:


% of Total




Practice Factors

show your work unless the assignment says “do these in your head” or "mental math" – no work, no points


Achievement Factors

for some tests you may be able to use notes


Final Exam

district approved notes

Remember that if you are absent you are responsible for making up all missed work.


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