Dr. Jeff Guthrie is an Associate Professor in the Department of Chemistry at Eastern Michigan University. His two main research projects involve developing synthetic DNA aptamers for the detection of environmental contaminants in freshwaters and the detection of DNA damage in human cells caused by environmental agents such as ultraviolet light and components of cigarette smoke.

    Though many methods exist for detecting environmental pollution, simple, inexpensive, in situ methods would allow accurate detection of contaminants with little sample preparation. By using aptamers as probes, the Guthrie lab hopes to develop small hand held biosensors for use in the field.

    The detection of DNA damage is important for understanding the underlying mechanisms of cancer. Some agents act synergistically to cause more DNA damage than they would alone. By simultaneously detecting DNA damage from multiple sources, the Guthrie Lab hopes to unravel some of these synergistic effects.

If you are interested in discussing research opportunities in the Guthrie lab, please speak with Dr. Guthrie for more information.


Dr. Jeff Guthrie

Associate Professor

Department of Chemistry

Eastern Michigan University

501H Mark Jefferson

Ypsilanti, MI 48197


Guthrie Lab

Guthrie Lab

Biosensors for environmental analysis and detection of DNA damage

Department of Chemistry

Updated August 30, 2015