Jacob Henri


My Class Schedule: Fall, 2015

Classes Teacher Schedule Room Links
Cosc211 Aby Tehranipour 12:00PM - 1:50PM: T,R 520 Pray-Harrold
Cosc221 Ranjan Chaudhuri 5:30PM - 7:10PM: T,R 520 Pray-Harrold
Cosc231 Edward Gurnee 2:00PM - 3:50PM: T,R 514 Pray-Harrold My local directory for Cosc 231.
Math211 Gisela Alhbrandt 11:00 AM - 12:15: M,W 405 Pray-Harrold
Math223 Kim L. Rescorla 9:30AM - 10:20AM: M,T,W,R 323 Pray-Harrold Kim Rescorlas Blog

A small list of a few of my favorite pokemon

  1. Electrobuzz
  2. Magmar
  3. Voltorb
  4. Dragonite

Here is my current homerow for Cosc231

Group photo, did not load

Hello, welcome to my page. This is the first website Ive ever made, as of OCT 2015, you will find my class schedule here along with some misc. projects and links, which will be mostly school related. I have a few hobbies but they are a little scattered, I plan on putting some links about them up later, such as musical arrangements, anime-hate blogging and more.

On the far right here is mad Mike, man, Mike is Mad, as in crazy, DONT GET ON HIS BAD SIDE. After that comes backstabber Bill, watch out. He looks friendly at first but you never know his true intentions. The next guy up is Hacker guy, he can hack anything. After that comes Bald Eagle, Bald Eagles patriotism and shiny head is a beacon of light through any and all darkness.