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Jessica Hetter

A Little About Me

I am from Huron Township.I love to read and go shopping with my girlfriends.I am a good listener and I've been told I give great advice.When I graduate, I would like to teach 4th graduating next Fall.

My Teaching Philosophy

I have always wanted to be a teacher as long as I can remember, I believe I was eight when I decided that's what I wanted to do! I love being around children and the way their minds work. They have such a great way at looking at the world. I love to think that I can help and be there for a child and help mold them into the person that they are going to be. My philosophy of teaching is that every child can learn. My job as a teacher is to find the best way that I can teach that student, because every child learns differently. I know students learn differently and I want to embrace this for the students so they can achieve the highest of their abilities.
I will defiantly use any technology that I can possible in the classroom. This is because first off I enjoy using technology, its fun and I feel that this is a big part of how students can learn. It’s such a big part of our world students will need to know how to use technology. Also it is flexible to work with different levels of knowledge and abilities.

Helpful Information for Parents & Students

This website has many fun and educational games for children that are seperated into grade levels. Also, a place for parents and teachers.

A kid-friendly educational website.

Excellent website for students to practice their math skills. Also, includes lessons if your child is having difficulty understanding a subject matter.

Hundreds of cool articles that children can find answers to questions they would like to know.

Technology Tip

Make sure your child saves their work frequently as they are working on it. Computers freeze up often and all of their hard work can disappear, if it was not saved previously.

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