Jordanís Horse Blanket Repair & Cleaning

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Welcome to Jordanís Horse Blanket Repair & Cleaning!

Growing up my horses always ripped their blankets apart from running around in the pastures. Nothing can be more annoying than having to buy a new and expensive blanket every other week. Walking out to feed the horses in chilly winter temps just to find hanging, half attached straps, and insulation-puff falling out of big rips.Not to mention, itís a never ending problem! Horses are always getting caught up on things so there is no avoiding it. Thereís also the issue of horses rolling around in the mud or snoozing in a puddle, leaving blankets caked in dry mud and stained for life. After many years of battling these problems, I decided to take manners into my own hands and began cleaning and fixing my own horse blankets. It wasnít long after that friends at the barn asked me to save their blanketís too and soon I had a full time business on my hands!



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