What We Know

The facts about depression, bipolar illness and related mood disorders speak for themselves. With proper diagnosis and intervention, all are highly treatable or manageable conditions. Yet these illnesses remain largely defined by the many areas where the best efforts of healthcare providers, researchers, academics, politicians, community leaders, patients and families are falling short. Too often, public perceptions of mental illness are ill-informed and sufferers are misunderstood and stigmatized. Gaps exist in the delivery and utilization of care, and under-diagnosis and misdiagnosis are common. These trends are exacerbated by a significant shortage of providers trained in evidence-based treatment practices. And in comparison with other health science fields, mood disorders research remains severely underfunded.

To understand these truths is to understand the imperative of the National Network of Depression Centers. Familiarize yourself with the facts, and join with us to transform the future for all of those touched by depression and bipolar illnesses.

(Please note that NNDC members cannot respond to email requests for specific recommendations regarding treatment. Diagnosis and treatment are complex and highly individualized processes that require comprehensive face-to-face assessment. Please visit the Appointments and Referrals page for more information.)