Using ATM Machines

There are several transactions you can do an ATM: The steps required for withrrawing money using an ATM machine:
  1. Insert card in machine.
  2. When prompted, type your secret PIN number.
  3. Press ENTER. The machine verifies your pin and prompts you
    to choose the amount of money to withdraw.
  4. Type or Select the amount of money to withdraw.
  5. Press ENTER. The ATM displays prompts you to confirm that
    the amount is correct.
  6. Press ENTER. IF correct,or click CANCEL and retype or
    select the correct amount.
When you're done ,the system prints a receipts, returns your card,
and gives you the money requested.

Building your dream house

  1. Choose a lot
  2. Choose a house plan
  3. Pour foundation
  4. Frame the house
  5. Choose bathroom fixtures
  6. Design kitchen layout
  7. Choose interior and exterior paint colors
  8. Choose flooring for remainder of house
  9. Insulate and enclose walls
  10. Plaster walls and ceilings
  11. Do finish carpentry work
  12. Paint walls and mouldings indside house
  13. Paint exterior of house
  14. Install cabinets
  15. Install flooring
  16. MOVE IN!!!!

Power PC Instruction

  1. Integer Instructions
  2. Floating Point Instructions
  3. Load and Store Instructions
  4. Branch and Flow Control Instructions
  5. Processor Control Instructions

To-Do list of activities for the
busiest week of the month

  1. Monday
  2. Tuesday
  3. Wedneday
  4. Thursday
  5. Friday
  6. Saturday
  7. Sunday