Jeff's Audio Adventures

audio system

This is a stereo system that I built sometime in 2004-5.  It started when I discovered a speaker designer, Wayne Jaschke,
who had some interesting ideas about quality DIY speakers.  I built a set of his most popular speakers, the Dayton Three.
Then I decided I wanted something better and ended up building a set of his floor-standing top-end speakers, the Eros,
with Mark I and later Mark II crossovers.  I still use these same speakers today, 12 years after making them.  The rest of my system
has changed - I have a Lenco turntable with a high-end Ortofon cartridge, tubed preamp and tubed monoblock power amps, and
a Marantz CD player.  Of course, when I'm not spinning vinyl, I also listen via internet with Tidal and Roon.

Eros Mk I speakers (cherry veneer)

Project 1.2 turntable

Ortofon X1-MC high output moving coil cartridge

Onix XCD-88 cdp

Adcom GFP-565 preamp

Audio by Van Alstine 65watt(?) solid state amp

Sansui TU-217 tuner

Ignore the TV, the VCR, the DVD and the JVC tapedeck:-(

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