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Jordan McDonald

Jordan McDonald

A Little About Me

I grew up in South Lyon playing sports year round my entire life. I enjoyed playing basketball, soccer, bowling, football, and disc golf. I'm hoping to teach a middle school history class when I graduate and enter the job field. I'm really good at playing video games on my Playstation 3 and Texas Hold'em Poker Tournaments. I am at the end of my college career, I have one semester of student teaching left then I plan on graduating with bachelors in secondary education.

    My Teaching Philosophy

    I want to become a teacher to influence the future generation and help them be the best they can be. When I was in school teachers made a profound impact on me and I intend on having the same influence my teachers had on me. Technology makes learning fun and more interesting if managed correctly. Using technology in the classroom will encourage students to use same technology outside of the classroom because they want to.  Students learn from teachers, computers, peers, books, parents, and family members.

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      Technology Tip

      Wikipedia is NOT a credible source! 

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