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Graduation Day Class of 2014



Jillian Cole Misenar

Teaching Philosophy

My teaching philosophy is that all students have the right to a quality education. As a teacher, you must be dedicated to all students. Teachers do not get to hand pick who will walk into their classroom, however, teachers have an obligation to educate every student that takes that journey.

Current Position

My work as the Senior Practicum Coordinator has prepared me to immediately excel in many areas of being a classroom teacher. As you will see in my attached resume, I have experience in classroom teaching across many grade levels, program planning and management, community engagement and curriculum building. 

While I have been working for the past two years as the Senior Practicum Coordinator at Henry Ford Academy: School for Creative Studies, I have learned many skills that I believe will help me as a classroom teacher.  At Henry Ford Academy: School for Creative Studies we use a project based learning curriculum.  We also have quarterly design challenges as part of our design thinking philosophy. 

I believe this is a strong foundation for me to be able to adapt to the culture of any team that I join.

Future Career Goals:

As I am continue my education seeking a Business, Management, Marketing, and Technology certification I would like to teach high school courses in these content areas.

Eventually I'd like to teach at the college level.