Hello World! My name is Jonathon Mroczka!

This webpage is a project for my COSC 231 Internet-Based Computing class.

Here is the link to the information for this class here.

Here is a table of the classes that I am currently taking:

Here are the classes that I am taking!
Class Name Course Number Days Meeting Times Start Times Finished Teacher Name Room Number
Internet-Based Computing COSC 231 TR 2:00 pm 3:50 pm Eddie Gurnee 514
Data Structures and Algorithms COSC 311 MW 2:00 pm 3:15 pm Susan Haynes 306
Computational Discrete Structures COSC 314 MW 12:00 pm 1:15 pm Choudori 203
Programming Languages COSC 341 TR 10:00 pm 11:15 pm Susan Haynes 202

Here is an ordered list of my top 4 favorite Pokemon!

  1. Dragonair
  2. Arcanine
  3. Starmie
  4. Magneton

I am a senior at Eastern Michigan University going for a dual major in Psychology and Computer Science.
I enjoy writing, reading, video games, and roleplaying games.

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Here is a link to my Hackathon stuff: here!