Why you should choose me

I am dedicated to helping out the community with their technical needs. I'd like to think of myself as a hybrid business that's readily available to serve you. One of my main features that sets myself apart from other companies is the fact I don't charge for parts. Anything that you need wheather it's parts for a computer or a whole computer itself, I don't put any markup on our products. Another reason why you should choose me instead of someone else is I offer a free pick up service. If you live within the radious of my pick up service, I will come pick up your computer for free. And if you live outside of the radious, but still want me to come pick up the system, it's only a small fee.

Desktop Repairs

I repair all major desktop brands. I can remove infections, hardware diagnostics, or just simply tune-up your computer.

Laptop Repairs

I repair all major laptop brands, and even Macs. I can do anything from an infection removal to screen replacements. If you have a damaged laptop, don't throw it away just yet.

Home Theater Installation

Have a theater system that you'd finally like to get setup? Call me, I will be able to install, and integrate your whole setup.