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Hello, my name is Jenny Rager.  I am currently a student a Eastern Michigan University.  My major is science and my minor is language arts.  I would love to one day be a middle school science teacher.  I still have one more year of school left to get my teachers certificate.  I will be student teaching in the winter of 2007.  I will then graduate that April of 2007.  I am really excited about that, I can't wait to be the one in front of the classroom.  I have recently been substituting for the Roseville Community Schools District.  While there I have subbed all grades from kindergarten to high school.  I have also had the chance to sub in the Hearing impaired resource room.  I got the chance to see some of the technology they are using in those classrooms.   Teaching is not the only career I plan to have.  I plan on attending University of Detroit Mercy to receive my Masters Degree in School Counseling.  When I receive that I hope to be a school counselor in a High School setting.  I may still have a  lot to accomplish, but I'm ready and willing to do what I need to get where I want to be in life.  The following links tell you how I have met the proficient and advanced levels of MCOATT (the Michigan Certificate of Outstanding Achievement for Teaching with Technology).  Click on the strands to see what I have accomplished.

Statement of the seventh standard

7. An ability to use information age learning & technology operations & concepts to enhance learning & personal/professional productivity, including the understanding & ability to:

a. Demonstrate an understanding of & continued growth in information age learning & technology operations & concepts.
b. Plan & design effective technology-enhanced learning environments & experiences aligned with the State Board's policy on learning expectations for Michigan students & the Michigan Framework for all students.
c. Implement curriculum plans that include technology-enhanced methods & strategies to maximize student learning.
d. Apply technology to facilitate a variety of effective assessment & evaluation strategies.
e.  Use technology to enhance professional development, practice & productivity.
f. Understand the equity, ethical, legal, social, physical & psychological issues surrounding the use of technology in P-12 schools & apply that understanding in practice.