EDMT330 Class Webpage for Preservice Teachers


Jessica Redden

A Little About Me

    I was raised in the town of Westland, Michigan. Things I enjoy include being a new mother for the first time and scrapbooking all of my cute daughters pictures and saving them for memories. I consider myself my strengths to be punchulatity and organizational skills. When I graduate for Eastern Michigan University (in one year) I plan to stay in the state of Michigan and teach 1st graders the wonderful task of learning how to read.

My Teaching Philosophy

   In my opinion, teaching is the greatest profession in the world.  What is better then coming to school every day and touching the life's of your children? What is better than watching a students grow and prosper knowing that you had a part to do in their success?  Both of these questions such be the focus of your day, They should be the reason that you wake up in the moring., becasue you love your job as an educator.
   Technology is important in everyday life, espically in the classroom. Enhaning learning through the use of technology can brighten ones day and make understanding and learning happen. In the growing markets of today society it is important to know and use all sorts of technology to compete in todays growing competive market. Computers, communication devices, calcutors, etc. are all important tolls to know in order to suceed.  

    Helpful Information for Parents & Students

    Keep up to date on all the lastest technology. Students help out your parents, back in the day parents didnt have that much technology. You dont want to get lost in the world with out knowing the basics.

    Technology Tip

    Students will ALWAYS know more than you when it comes to being masters at the newest technology. To prevent students from getting ahead of you in learning about this, you have to be edcuating yourself about the newest technology so you can be master before they are. You dont what any fast balls coming at you that you cant handle.

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