Discovering Shinto
During our unit on Major Asian Religions, we have learned about Buddhism, Hinduism, and Confucianism.  Now we move to Shinto.  In pairs, with the worksheet as your guide, visit the following websites to see what you can discover about Shinto.    

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Mt. Fuji : the tallest mountain in Japan and a sacred site for Shinto pilgrims.

When you finish  your  worksheet, please visit the  Internet Sacred Texts Archives to read a Japanese Fairy Tale.
Choose one of the Shinto Tales on the website to read and discuss with your partner.

Discussion Questions:
  1. Try to summarize the fable.
  2. Describe the characters of the fable.
  3. How is the fable similar to the creation myth you heard at the beginning of class?
  4. What Shinto beliefs (refer to your worksheet!) can you find within the story?

photo credit: Jaclyn Stevens

Ms. Stevens has been to the top of Mt. Fuji!  Feel free to ask questions!
Send your questions to Ms. Stevens's Mailbox!