This page is all about me.



Who am I?E

I am Justin Spencer, Currently a senior at EMU. I had originally intended to be a business major for almost my entire college career but as of late my true interest has revealed itself. I enjoy Communication technology which until late was going to simply be my minor. I had experience with Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Basic Coding, And actual photography. I am very interested in discovering more as i began to end my college journey and explore more of what the the Communication Technology world has to offer.



4deadI enjoy more than just yugioh, I also enjoy videogames from combat to competitive racing. I hope as i continue onward in my gaming days ill discover more of what the world of gaming has to offer. I recently discovered I have a serious love for Survival Horror games, and games that consist of hard teamwork to complete objectives such as getting from one safe house to another like left 4 dead 2. A very competitive game where going it alone is unwise and supporting those around you is the best way to succeed. Teamwork is very important to me, not just in the gaming world but also in real life it's necessary in order to be effective in the world we now exist in.


Comic Book enthusiaist C

I actually have enjoyed comics for a long time before they became popular hot topics. I enjoy them so much I actually am a writter of sorts for my own comic book characters and universe. If a talented comic book artist would like to get in contact with me to discuss a future of possibly working together feel free to head to the contact part of this website. I look forward to Hearing from you thank you!