This page is my contact information



Facebook F

There are a few ways if you are looking to get in touch that you can reach me. The first being you already have been informed of. Simply click the second from the bottom link that will take you to my facebook. However if you do decide to use this form of communication then do keep in mind you are required to have a facebook also if you would like to send me a message or write on my wall to communicate with me.



If you unfortunately do not have a facebook then the next available option to you is to reach me via my email. I have an eastern michigan email, referred to as emich. My email is jspenc29@emich.edu I check this email regularly so please do feel to reach out if you need to communicate with me regarding anything you may have any inquiries about.


Secondary email

While i do not check this email as regularly as some of the other forms of communication. I still do check my other email weekly. So if you for some reason are not able to reach me at my first email you can always communicate with me via this email jayhawk0313@sbcglobal.net I look forward to hearing from you.