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What to Expectj


Hello, welcome to a personal webpage showcasing information about the many different topics involving me. Feel free to use the links just to the left and explore other sites of the other organizations that I have affiliation with or simply have interest in. The first site in the links to the left is simply a link to my current place of employment. I work at the ann arbor branch, please stop on by and give us a visit I would enjoy hosting a party for you and your friends at ZapZone where you can play laser tag, ride Bumper cars, or take part in one of our many other attractions.


The second link provided will take you to the main site of one of my current hobbies, Yu-Gi-Oh! The trading card game. You can use this site to catch up on all things yugioh including: Merchandise, The tv series, or of course the cards for the game. Perhaps you can even join me and competitively play at fun 4 all a small comic shop located in Ypsilanti mi near meijer's. Whatever you decide to do I hope you enjoy the content provided on their website.


The Third will take you directly to Eastern Michigan's University homepage where I am currently enrolled as a student. You should explore, perhaps you'll find a reason to even attend classes at EMU and further your education with a bachelor's or minor in some specific field of study. You could also take part in enriching activities throughout Eastern's campus such as becoming a part of some the exciting clubs available on campus, you can find up more info online.


The fourth link is simply a link to My facebook. You can see my interactions with friends and family and socialize with myself and others on a casual level. You can also look up some of my past employment oportunities. You can see past post and get to know a little bit more abouut me.


Finally the last link is a link to a website called ygopro. it's a website for postings about all things yugioh also you can download a link to the automatic dueling app known also as ygopro. The app is for those who don't wont to actually play the physical game. You can play the game online and duel against anybody in the world using the official ban list and rules.


What's Ahead

The above links will direct you through the different parts of my website. The home link will take you to this page you are currently on. The about link simply has more specific information about me. Interest link will take you to a page about my interests which currently is mostly about Yu-gi-Oh! the card game also a little information about the decks I use which is something I am very interested in.


Please enjoy


I hope the information that You find here will be helpful in having a deeper understanding of the things that i actually have an interest in. Please enjoy the website i designed to hopefully help

Thank you!