Marquis de Lafayette

A WebQuest for 9th Grade American History

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Jason Storey


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When students examine the birth of the United States during the American Revolution many names come to mind, such as George Washington, the Virginian native and later Commander-in-Chief of the Continental Army. Samual Adams, the ardent patriot who gathered a band of revolutonaries dressed as Native Americans and staged what is known today as the Boston Tea Party; or Thomas Jefferson, the man who wrote the Declaration of Independence, permanently sepearating the Thirteen Colonies from the king of England, Geroge III. Unfortantuely, one name that is not often mentioned by students is one of the most influential characters that fought for the American ideals of freedom, Gilbert du Motier, Marquis de Lafayette. This Webquest will shed light on the contributions this patriot had in the American Revolution, and why he should be remembered and celebrated today.


The Task

By the time this Webquest has been completed, you should have a strong idea of how and why Lafayette contributed to the American Revolution, and why we should be thankful for his works today.

You will reflect upon the findings you have discovered after visiting two websites included below.

Student reflections should be a miniumum of two/three paragraphs in length. I will be looking for your knowledge of the topic, so write thoughtfully.

The Process

Please visit the two websites listed below. After reading through the entire page, answer the three questions also listed below. Remember to answer in complete sentences and in at least two/three paragraphs. Obviously, the more you write and the more thought put into your answers will increase the overall grade given at the end of the Webquest.

Lafayette Website #1

Lafayette Website #2

1. Why did Lafayette leave France to fight for the American Cause? What risk did this entail on his part?

2. What major battles did Lafayette partake in? Why were they significant and what role did he play in them?

3. After the American Revolution, what major event did Lafayette take part in? What was his role in this event?


Grades will be based on an individual basis. Students work will be examined based on correctness of answer, length of reply, and thought put into the process. Both questions will be graded as a whole with a possible total score of ten points.









Out Of Ten

Student answered the question but failed to do so correctly, lacking proper information and length.

Student answered the question but failed to respect the length requirement and put little thought into discriptions.

Student Answerd the questioned correctly and with the correct length requirement, however, could have used more refinement of thought.

Student excelled at the requirement of answering the questions correctly, in the proper length, with the proper thought put to each question.


Now that you have finished the Webquest you should have a basic understanding of what General Lafayette did for our country in the American Revolution and why he should be remembered. Now your homework is to go home and have a conversation with your parents about Lafayette and what he did for the United States in our time of need.

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