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My name is Joe Vachon. I am a computer Science Major, I transfered from WCC.

In case you were wondering, everything on this page fulfills a requirement for the class, hence the pictures and other elements. I encourage you to check out some of the projects and labs below.

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lab assignments

Lab1: quote page replication
Lab2: dating service form
Lab3: haynes css copying
Lab4: css box model and song copy
Lab5: first javascript
Lab6: second javascript
Lab7: JS image array
Lab9?: screen saver timer
Lab10a: swimmer direction control
Lab10b: grid animation control
Lab11?: Object Array drawing stuff screen saver


Project 1: table, event handling, color, image map
Project 2: image display menu
Project 3: menu image board
Project 4: fire game
Project 5: fractal applet

amusing pictures
yodawgcoach philosoraptor what sopa is