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    Psychology His straightforward style gets students to contemplate open-ended questions, examine their assumptions, and apply psychological concepts to their own lives. Wayne Weiten surveys psychology's broad range of content with three aims: to illuminate the process of research and its intrinsic relationship to application; to show both the unity and diversity of the subject, and to invite students to the study of psychology by respecting their ability to master its fundamental concepts Wayne Weiten http://book.douban.com/subject/1702350/
    Physics This self-contained treatment of nonrelativistic many-particle systems discusses both formalism and applications in terms of ground-state (zero-temperature) formalism, finite-temperature formalism, canonical transformations, and applications to physical systems. Alexander L.Fetter/John Dirk Walecka/Physics http://book.douban.com/subject/1483246/
    History First published in 1688, Thomasiusís Institutionum jurisprudentiae divinae (Institutes of Divine Jurisprudence) attempted to draw a clear distinction between natural and revealed law and to emphasize that human reason was able to know the precepts of natural law without the aid of Scripture. Thomasius also argued that his orthodox Lutheran opponents had failed to understand this distinction and thereby had confused reason and Scripture. Christian Thomasius((1655?728)) http://book.douban.com/subject/4018540/