John Zervos

Who am I?

I do not tweet, facechat, foursquare or otherwise particpiate in social media. For they are Orwallian constructs of time sinks that exist solely to feed the Lovecraftian creatures known as Big Data. Thus do we find our lives to be condemed to be outliers scraping meager sustinance in the shadow of Big Data ... until the Ministry of Truth wishes to hire me. That would be horrorshow for my droogs since we are hoopy froods who know where our towels are. You grok?
    Marvel Villains
  1. Stan Lee (surely caused most trouble for any hero)
  2. Doctor Victor Von Doom
  3. Mystique (Marvel female villains are very unmemorable)
  4. The entier nazi army
  5. Fin Fang Foom (just saying it is fun)
Class Course Number Days Meeting Start Time End Time Teacher Name Room Number
HTML COSC 231 MW 7:20 8:35 Gurnee 503
Stats MATH 360 MW 11:00 12:15 Ross 322
Discrete Mathematics II COSC 314 TR 12:00 1:15+ Maniccam 327

Skills Learned