There is only one god, Hope..!

Belief is the messenger between that god and us..! Believe in what you do and let the rest be taken care by the hope. Believe in your hope..!

Nice meeting you.!

Kiran Cherukuri

I've done my bachelor's degree in Electronics & Communication Engineering where I was fascinated about how powerful integrated circuits, controllers and processors can be. As an extension to it, I wondered about the wide platform coders have, to develop astonishing applications which run on such powerful processors. So, I've done Masters in Computer Science and here are some of the technologies that really caught me.!

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My Other Interests


Cooking is never a work for me, I enjoy it.! It doesn't need to be perfect, you are good untill people get excited about your recipes.

Pushing the Throttle

Let the machine breath.! I love to ride cars; it's not about the engine, it's about the person behind the wheel.!


Black holes, Pulsars, Asteroids: where the laws of physics do not exist. Did you know that you are at present moving with a speed of 19 miles/second.!


From a Calculator to a Drone recording UHD videos, I get attracted to the technology used in them and try to get my hands on every gadget I can possibly get.

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