2 PM

schedule changeOct. 2

quizQUIZ 1 (first 10 minutes of class)
Mental/Emotional Health Problems (Suicide Prevention)

schedule changeOct. 4

Quiz 1 Returned

Acting as a Resource Person:

  • Writing Annotations
  • How to write an APA Style reference citation will be reviewed.
  • PowerPoint handout given in class

Oct. 9 Meet 205E Porter Bldg.

  • Please be on time for class. We will start and end class promptly.

new quiz datequizQUIZ 2 (1st 10 minutes)

  • Mental/Emotional Health, Depression, Anxiety & Suicide
  • Review Sheet

Creating Your Resource File Using Inspiration software
  • Resource file Inspiration tutorial given in class
  • Grade rubric given in class

Oct. 11

Quiz 2 Returned

Resource File Assignment Q & A
  • Questions about types of resources, or writing annotations, or using Inspiration software
topic addedIntentional Injury: Preventing Child Abuse

Oct. 16


topic addedIntentional Injury: Preventing Abuse from Bullying
Cyber Bullying Prevention

Group Teaching Activity Explained 
  • You will be assigned to a teaching group. The group will be responsible for teaching a 45 minute lesson to the class on an assigned violence prevention topic. Group assignments and materials will be given in class. Click on your assigned group lesson topic below to link to lesson background readings and PowerPoint:

Oct. 18

QuizQUIZ 3 (1st 10 minutes)

Introduction to Violence Prevention: Peace is Possible
  • Read the Textbook Chapter 19 Preventing Violence and Abuse
Group Work on Teaching Activity:
  • Meet with your group members to complete the following tasks.
  • Read your lesson plan (given in class 10/16) and background reading materials before class.
  • This group work counts toward your course participation grade.
  • Discuss your lesson plan in terms of content and methods. Make sure that you understand and agree on what the group will be teaching.
  • Assign responsibility to group members for teaching parts of the lesson.

Oct. 23

Quiz 3 Returned

Group Work

  • Approximately 25 minutes of class time will be provided for groups to work on coordinating and practicing the group's lesson plan.
  • Group members should work on their assigned part and be ready to explain their part of the lesson in detail during group work.
Sleep Deprivation: A Cause of  Health Problems & Injury

newOct. 25

Group Work:
  • Groups will meet at the following locations to practice their lesson
    • Group 1: Information Desk in Halle Library Lobby
    • Group 2: Marshall Building, Downstairs Lounge
    • Group 3: Information Desk in Halle Library Lobby
    • Group 4: Outside Our Classroom & move from there
    • Group 5: Marshall Building, Upstairs Lounge
  • Attendance should be taken and turned in at the beginning of class on October 30. This counts toward your participation grade in the course.

Oct. 30

Advocacy Assignment Explained -- Fact Sheets and Advocacy
Group Work
  • Approximately 15 minutes of class time will be provided for groups to work on coordinating the group's lesson plan.


This is a tentative course schedule. Schedule changes may occur during the semester. You should plan to check the course web site regularly.  Additional readings may also be added as course handouts or web sites. All changes will be announced in class and marked as new