Links to class projects

Electronic Resource Catalog (ERC)

Students will collect and organize a variety of health education resources to begin their electronic resource catalog on health content areas discussed in this class.

Advocacy Fact Sheet

Students will learn to be an advocate for health education by researching a health issue and writing a fact sheet on that issue that advocates for a particular prevention strategy.

Policy Presentation

Students, in groups, will learn about policy interventions aimed at preventing a specific health problem discussed in this course. Students will then develop and give a PowerPoint presentation to the class explaining how policy is used to intervene with their health issue.


Throughout the semester four quizzes will be given. Quizzes test your content knowledge. The lowest quiz grade will be dropped.


The success of this course will depend, in large part, on the active participation of each class member. Therefore, 10 percent of the final course grade will be earned through class participation. This includes regular attendance and ACTIVE class participation, including working productively in learning groups, contributing thoughtful comments or questions to class discussions, reading assignments prior to class, completing homework assignments, and other positive contributions to the learning environment of the class. Participation grades will be based on the quality as well as quantity of participation. Therefore, grades can range from 100% to 0%.