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Kristi Judd
Department of Biology
Eastern Michigan University    

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Broadly, I am interested in linkages between terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems. My research focuses on organic matter dynamics & nutrient cycling and the watershed scale processes that control the export of carbon and nutrients from land to water. An understanding of the mechanisms underlying these ecosystem fluxes is needed to better predict the consequences of environmental change on both aquatic ecosystems, which are often sensitive to changes in terrestrial inputs, and overall ecosystem elemental budgets (e.g., terrestrial carbon storage or release to the atmosphere; nitrogen retention or export). A common theme in my research is asking questions about the relationships between ecosystem structure (who's there) and function (what they're doing).

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My research addresses the roles of biogeochemical processes, species composition, and environmental drivers in controlling ecosystem function. In general, we understand little about the interaction strengths of the various arrows in a given ecosystem, or what factors control the relative importance of one control over an other.