Karina Kasula

          Hey! I am 23 years old and my birthday is August 11th. I recently adopted a puppy. She is a corgi mix and her name is Bella. I also have a standard poodle named Rudy and a calico named Chloe. My first major was Psychology. I studied at Schoolcraft Community College and then transferred to Western Michigan University. I then switched my major to Nursing and studied at Eastern Michigan. After two years of Nursing, I realized I wanted to do Business Marketing. This is the last time I am switching my major! I live in Novi, MI and am a manager at Bakers in Twelve Oaks mall. I moved to Michigan from Perrysburg, OH 8 years ago. Almost all of my family lives in Poland. My mother, father, and brother are my only blood relatives here. My parents are divorced so I have step-siblings and other “family.” I am fluent in Polish but I do not have an accent because I was the only one from my family that was born in the United States. I love sewing, cooking, reading, and anything that has to do with the outdoors. I have two more years of college left and I am ready to rock them out! I enjoy school and I love learning new things and meeting new people.