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Here is the online garden supply store for Feed The World. You can purchase supplies for your home or community garden and help fund Feed The World expeditions around the globe!

Everybody wants to support his own region and economy and farming. If we can preserve the land and if we can preserve the ocean, we all know, deep inside that we're doing the right thing.
- Eric Ripert
drip irrigation plumbing


This drip irrigation set contains 5 straight PVC pipes, 4 elbow joints, 3 T-joints, 1 X-joint, and 4 drip nozzles. Great for use in small garden beds.

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getting started courses


This starter course in small plot gardening contains all of the basic information needed to set up your first garden. Covers topics such as:

  • Weather conditions
  • Root spacing
  • Yeild

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garden trellis


This sturdy wooden trellis is great for growing tall/vining plants in a small area.

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raised garden bed


This raised garden bed, or garden box, is made of solid wood. The bed measures 3'x1.5' and 1' deep.

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More items coming soon!

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