Kyle Szalai

Computer Science Major | Mathematics Minor
Resident Advisor at Brown/Munson Apartments

About Me

Hello! My name is Kyle! As you can see from the information above, I'm a Computer Science student! I'm in my senior year at Eastern and I've done some pretty cool stuff in my time here at the university! In the fall semester, I got a lot of experience with what I want to do later in life and that's building mobile applications for Android and iOS! I got some experience developing video games in Unity, and I also built a web application by working with, which was an entirely new experience for me! I also got some experience working with databases this past fall, which was great to have! I love working with mobile devices and building applications for them! If you have any questions, please feel free to email me!

Classes for Winter 2016

  • COSC 479 - Cyber Security (Special Topic)

  • HIST 123 - The U.S. to 1877

  • CHL 137 - Harry Potter Literature

  • CTAR 222 - Drama and Play in the Human Experience

  • PEGN 180 - Yoga


Over my time at the univeristy, I've taken a variety of courses giving me experience in a variety of different platforms!

Java Android iOS HTML JavaScript LISP

I have lots and lots of experience in programming in Java. It's what EMU uses for their curriculum, and that helped vastly when learning how to develop Android applications! On top of that, I also know Swift and can develop for iOS as well. I also have experience with C# as I used it when developing video games in Unity, as well as developing with I also got plenty of experience with C# while at my internship at KLA Labs! I also had the opportunity to get some experience with Intel Assembly and C when taking my Operating Systems class, where we built a base for our own version of Linux from scratch. I also have experience with Google Apps Script, as I am currently developing an application for EMU's Housing & Residence Life department that will assist the Office Managers with scheduling their workers for the various halls.