Kristina Tsvetkoff's Web Page

    After graduating from Wayne Memorial High School in June of 2000 I continued my education at Eastern Michigan University where I received my bachelor's degree in Elementary Education. I have a major in Language Arts and a minor in Math.    
    During my five years attending Eastern I put in a lot of volunteer work at Field Elementary School in Canton.  I substitute taught for about four months and finally a fourth grade teaching job opened.  I interviewed right away and a few days later I was offered the job.  Ever since fall of 2005 I have been teaching at Field Elementary.
    In my spare time I love playing with my two cockapoo puppies and taking them to the park.  I love to work out and attend the gym as much as I can because staying in shape is very important to me.  Another hobbie that I enjoy doing is going to the movies or renting a movie at least once a week. I enjoy comedy, romantic, and some scary movies.
    Teaching has always been the carrer I wanted.  I have always had an instant connection with children.  I plan to teach here at Field Elementary for many years to come.  I hope you enjoyed my site, and feel free to visit whenever you like.  I will continue to make new changes.