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The Chozo Language is a fictional language that exists in the Metroid (a video game series produced by Nintendo) universe. It is named after the species that spoke it, the Chozo, a race of bird-like anthropomorphs inhabiting a variety of planets, namely Tallon IV, Zebes, and Elysia.

The Chozo first started in Elysia, creating robotic lifeforms called the Elysians and setting up an outpost in SkyTown. Linguistically speaking, this is the location of the first known version of the Chozoan language. When the Chozo were colonizing and researching other planets, they left remnants on Zebes, SR388, and lastly Tallon IV. Thus, the family tree starts with Elysian, and the other three planets deviated in their own ways.

As a project for my linguistic studies, I decided to reconstruct the language into a fan-made "conlang" from what I could find in the video games. I took sources primarily from Metroid Prime 1 and Metroid: Zero Mission. The grammar and vocabulary, however, were (and still are being) created from scratch besides a few established words (e.g., it is canon that metroid means "warrior").

The writing system was derived from Metroid Prime 1's in-game graphics, but their phonological values have been arbitrarily assigned by me. The same can be said about Zebesian Chozo and Elysian writing as well. Unfortunately, there was insufficient information to make any constructed written language out of SR388 (Metroid II and Metroid Fusion lack any concrete data).

Lastly, I've also opted to translate the in-game logbook entries from Metroid Prime 1 into Tallonian Chozoan. You can read what's done so far above.

In order to see this page correctly (i.e. with the writing system), you have to first download the Chozoan font and install it on your system. On most systems, it's as simple as opening the font and clicking install. To see the English transcription of any Chozoan word / sentence, hover your mouse over it.

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